A Gifted Man TV series

A Gifted Man is a TV series the major hero of which is a surgeon named Michael Holt who works in the private hospital. He is still quite young, but despite this, he is a great specialist. About such people one says the man with the “golden” hands. Every day Holt performs complex and expensive operations, thereby bringing considerable profit to the health care facility management. The doctor himself is not poor because he has a very respectable salary, which allows him living and doing himself well.A Gifted Man

In general, life of Michael is really great and it seems that nothing can disturb this idyll. However, life is unpredictable thing and fate likes to present surprises quite often. Our hero had to convince in this from his own experience. Once, there happens one thing that Holt could not imagine even in the nightmare. He begins to see the ghost of his dead wife Anna, who worked as a doctor while she has been alive, but in contrast to her husband, she worked in a public hospital. She asks Michael to take care of her old place of work. The incident makes him take another look at the world and reconsider his attitude to the patients.

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