4 best series of spring: Editor’s Choice


The National Geographic channel first took up the original game series and, like the semi-documentary Mars, again contracted Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. As NatGeo relies on, this series is not only fascinating, but also cognitive. It is dedicated to the life of the greatest theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, played by Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush. The eight-part project is based on the popular biography of Walter Isaacson “Einstein: His Life and the Universe”. It covers a huge period of life of a German scientist, and also tells how a loser who could not find a job as a teacher or enter a doctorate, escapes to the US from the Nazis, twice marries and develops the theory of relativity. Howard himself put the first episode out of ten, and then he handed the reins to Minka Spiro, who established herself as the director of the most memorable episodes of Downton Abbey.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The most promising original project of streaming service Hulu is a ten-screen adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood. In 1989, he adapted for the big screen Harold Pinter, and put Volker Schlöndorf, but now the anti-utopia of patriarchal arbitrariness is seen as particularly relevant. The story of the fictional totalitarian republic of Gilead is told on behalf of the maid Offred, played by the “Madman” star and the owner of the “Golden Globe” for her role in the “Top of the Lake” by Elizabeth Moss. It is the duty of Offred and her like to carry children to officers whose refined wives suffer from infertility. They are kept in forced slavery and brainwashed about the noble cause of settling the planet, in fact, using as walking wombs. The creator of the series was Bruce Miller (“Hundred”), and the remaining roles were performed by Joseph Fiennes, Samira Wylie, Yvonne Strahovski and Max Minghella.

American Gods

The creator of the series “Hannibal” Brian Fuller teamed up with the author of comic books and co-author of the upcoming “Alien” Michael Green in the film adaptation of the great novel of Neil Gaiman about the Scandinavian gods living in modern America. Mr. Sreda (Ian McShane), who turns out to be Odin, recruits Shadow (the star of the Hollyox series Ricky Whittle) as the bodyguard of yesterday’s criminal. Together they travel around the country to harvest old gods to unite them in confronting the new gods. All events in the town of Lakewood, which is dedicated to the last act in the novel, were reserved for the second season, but in the first there will be motels, coins, merry-go-rounds and Emily Browning as a dead wife. Also, the actors Crispin Glover, Peter Stormare, Gillian Anderson, Jeremy Davis on one side of the camera and the directors David Slade and Vincenzo Natali on the other can not do without. American gods release date announced at the middle of April. If you’re looking for American Gods tv series download just select a trusted source.

Twin Peaks

Strictly speaking, this is not a new series, and we all know about it. But this season should be the new incarnation of the old Twin Peaks, so KinoSearch (like many other publications) with a clear conscience takes it to the most anticipated fresh television projects of spring, year, and perhaps even a decade.

The action “Twin Peaks” will occur all the same in a sleepy town, lost among the pine forests of the state of Washington. Only now, after the events described in the first two seasons, 25 years have passed. About the plot is still unknown, although David Lynch hinted that the key to the story were the last seven days of Laura Palmer’s life (those that have already been described in the movie “Fire, go with me”). Unfortunately, we will not see Sheriff Truman, but all the others are more or less assembled. Plus, they were joined by a whole crowd of new characters, played by famous artists – from Monica Bellucci to Tim Roth. Be that as it may, one thing is certain: in this series you can not do without a cherry pie and damn good coffee.

Sneeky Pete tv series

Sneeky Pete is a crime drama in which the major hero is a guy named Marius, who earns living by means of criminal. He is a notorious swindler and cranked out a wide variety of fraud, for which, after all, he is sent to the prison for three years. When there are only few days before his release, Marius calls up with his brother. He tells him that behind the gates of the prison there are big problems represented by the mafia, which he once did out of a large sum of money waiting for him.Sneeky Pete

This is discouraging news for our hero and at first he has no idea how to deal with all this. At some point, Marius suddenly recalls his cellmate Pete, who sits for more than twenty years. Prison friend repeatedly told him about their grandparents who grew him up. After thinking for a while, the former prisoner decides to pretend that he is Pete hoping that the family members have not seen thei grandson for many years and, therefore, most likely, have no idea how he looks for the moment. However, he could not even imagine what would be the results of this adventure.

A Gifted Man TV series

A Gifted Man is a TV series the major hero of which is a surgeon named Michael Holt who works in the private hospital. He is still quite young, but despite this, he is a great specialist. About such people one says the man with the “golden” hands. Every day Holt performs complex and expensive operations, thereby bringing considerable profit to the health care facility management. The doctor himself is not poor because he has a very respectable salary, which allows him living and doing himself well.A Gifted Man

In general, life of Michael is really great and it seems that nothing can disturb this idyll. However, life is unpredictable thing and fate likes to present surprises quite often. Our hero had to convince in this from his own experience. Once, there happens one thing that Holt could not imagine even in the nightmare. He begins to see the ghost of his dead wife Anna, who worked as a doctor while she has been alive, but in contrast to her husband, she worked in a public hospital. She asks Michael to take care of her old place of work. The incident makes him take another look at the world and reconsider his attitude to the patients.

Dollhouse TV series

Dollhouse is a TV series the action of which takes place on the territory of Los Angeles where under one of the skyscrapers there is a secret and illegal organization called “A Doll’s House.” Nobody even knows where this place is and there is nothing wondering, because for all the others, it simply does not exist. This organization is only a small part of the mighty structure having similar places around the world. Doll houses are the places for people who have agreed to sign a contract with the organization for a period of five years.Dollhouse TV series

The main condition of the agreement is that at the end of the contract they will lose some part of their memories, which have been the worst for them. Dolls (this is how the people who have signed the contract are called), completely lose their memory. After that they receive new memories and skills they need for the tasks performance. After this procedure, they are soulless beings, whose individuality has been completely destroyed. One day something unexpected happens and the memory of one of the dolls, a girl named Eco, ceases to succumb to erase procedure, and she slowly begins to remember her past.

Coma TV series

Coma is a TV series in which it goes about the events taking place in the Peach Tree Memorial Hospital. These are strange events which have been previously unknown to the science.
Patients who are getting to the hospital start falling into coma during operations. Even the simplest surgery leads to terrible consequences. Hospital authorities cannot cope with a mysterious plague and all who have fallen into a coma is sent to a research center to find out why. Susan Wheeler is a medical student who is an intern at the hospital.Coma TV series

After facing with the mysterious complications with patients and attempts to ignore things that are happening, she begins her own investigation. However, while searching for the truth, Susan faces first with incomprehension on the part of fellow students and hospital staff and then the pressure and obstacles that are created by the hospital administration and the board of trustees. Physicians and health care providers who help the girl in the investigation, are pursued at work, fired and even murdered.

The difficulties make Susan believe that she is going in the right direction. Gradually, Susan begins to learn the horrible truth about the hospital, about the dark deeds and machinations taking place within its walls, with the knowledge of influential people in the Council.

Vikings season 4 tv series

Vikings season 3 is a truly fascinating TV show that tells about the Vikings who are under direction of the courageous Ragnar. The main storyline goes about the life of this hero who belongs to the Vikings. Making-up of this king of tribes and leader is in the center of the events. Quite big attention is dedicated to the historical credibility.  If your are willing do watch the series you can download Vikings season 4 for free.Vikings season 4

Ragnar has many dignities. He is strong, courageous and certainly fearless. One thing that he certainly needs is a group of the best fighters who have strong spirit and are ready to support him when it is difficult.

It is owing to his faithful friends that Ragnar feels ready to get to grips with the Viking who rebels against him. Great amount of exciting and unexpected moments are waiting for the viewers.


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Suits season 6

Suits season 6 is one more story about two absolutely different lawyers. Despite the fact that both of them are different, they perfectly complement each other. Mike makes everything possible in order to win the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Harvey tries to avoid Mike’s going away. At the same time, Mike and Rachel also start to have some problems in their relationships. There is also Daniel Hardman who returns after he has been absent for five years.

P.S. For the most ardent fans of the series there is a website where you can download suits season 6 episodes free. There you can watch all seasons in good quality.Suits series

Now he is a totally different person after his wife dies. There also appears Louis Litt whose main purpose is to become a senior partner. He dreams that Hardman will give him a hand with this purpose.