Romans (International Critical Commentary) by William Sanday

Romans (International Critical Commentary)

By William Sanday

  • Release Date: 2014-09-25
  • Genre: Bible Studies
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This classic commentary is organized as follows: 

§ 1. Rome in a. d. 58 
§ 2. The Jews in Rome 
§ 3. The Roman Church 
§ 4. The Time and Place, Occasion and Purpose, of the Epistle 
§ 5. The Argument 
§ 6. Language and Style 
§ 7. The Text 
§ 8. Literary History 
§ 9. Integrity of the Epistle 
§ 10. Commentaries 

Romans 1 
The Apostolic Salutation 
The Theological Terminology of Rom 1:1-7 
St. Paul and the Roman Church 
The word δίκαιος and its cognates 
The Meaning of Faith in the New Testament and in some Jewish Writings 
The Righteousness of God 
St. Paul’s Description of the Condition of the Heathen World 
Use of the Book of Wisdom in Chapter 1 

Romans 2 
Transition From Gentile to Jew. Both Alike Guilty 
Failure of the Jews 

Romans 3 
Casuistical Objections Answered 
Universal Failure to Attain to Righteousness 
The New System 
The Death of Christ considered as a Sacrifice 
Consequences of the New System 

Romans 4 
The Faith of Abraham 
The History of Abraham as treated by St. Paul and by St. James 
Faith and Circumcision 
Jewish Teaching on Circumcision 
Promise and Law 
Abraham’s Faith a Type of the Christian’s 
The Place of the Resurrection of Christ in the teaching of St. Paul 

Romans 5 
Blissful Consequences of Justification 
Is the Society or the Individual the proper object of Justification? 
The Idea of Reconciliation or Atonement 
The Fall of Adam and the Work of Christ 
The Effects of Adam’s Fall in Jewish Theology 
Adam and Christ 
St. Paul’s Conception of Sin and of the Fall 
History of the Interpretation of the Pauline doctrine of δικαίωσις 

Romans 6 
The Mystical Union of the Christian With Christ 
The Doctrine of Mystical Union with Christ 
The Transition From Law to Grace. Analogy of Slavery 

Romans 7 
The Transition From Law to Grace. Analogy of Marriage 
Law and Sin 
The Inward Conflict 
St. Paul’s View of the Law 

Romans 8 
Life in the Spirit. 
The Fruits of the Incarnation 
The Life of the Flesh and the Life of the Spirit 
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit 
Sonship and Heirship 
Suffering the Path to Glory 
The Renovation of Nature 
The Assistance of the Spirit 
The Ascending Process of Salvation 
The Proofs and Assurance of Divine Love 

Romans 9 
The Apostle’s Sorrow Over Israel’s Unbelief 
The Privileges of Israel 
The Punctuation of Rom 9:5 
The Rejection of Israel Not Inconsistent With the Divine Promises 
The Divine Election 
The Rejection of Israel Not Inconsistent With the Divine Justice 
The Divine Sovereignty in the Old Testament 
The Power and Rights of God as Creator 
The Relation of St. Paul’s Argument in chap. 9 to the Book of Wisdom 
A History of the Interpretation of Rom 9:6-29 
Israel Itself to Blame for Its Rejection 

Romans 10 
Israel’s Unbelief Not Excused by Want of Opportunity 
The Argument of 9:30-10:21: Human Responsibility 
St. Paul’s Use of the Old Testament 

Romans 11 
The Rejection of Israel Not Complete 
The Doctrine of the Remnant 
The Rejection of Israel Not Final 
The Merits of the Fathers 
Mercy to All the Ultimate Purpose of God 
The Argument of Romans 9-11 
St. Paul’s Philosophy of History 
The Salvation of the Individual. Free-will and Predestination 

Romans 12 
The New Life 
The Right Use of Spiritual Gifts 
Spiritual Gifts 
Maxims to Guide the Christian Life 

Romans 13 
On Obedience to Rulers 
The Church and the Civil Power 
Love the Fulfilment of All Law 
The History of the word ἀγάπη. 
The Christian Teaching on Love 
The Day Is at Hand 
The early Christian belief in the nearness of the παρουσία. 
The relation of Chaps. 12-14 to the Gospels 

Romans 14 
On Forbearance Towards Those Who Are Scrupulous 

Romans 15 
What sect or party is referred to in Rom 14? 
Apology for Admonitions 
The Apostle’s Plans 

Romans 16 
Personal Greetings 
Aquila and Priscilla 
Warning Against False Teachers 
Greetings of St. Paul’s Companions 
The Concluding Doxology