Coma TV series

Coma is a TV series in which it goes about the events taking place in the Peach Tree Memorial Hospital. These are strange events which have been previously unknown to the science.
Patients who are getting to the hospital start falling into coma during operations. Even the simplest surgery leads to terrible consequences. Hospital authorities cannot cope with a mysterious plague and all who have fallen into a coma is sent to a research center to find out why. Susan Wheeler is a medical student who is an intern at the hospital.Coma TV series

After facing with the mysterious complications with patients and attempts to ignore things that are happening, she begins her own investigation. However, while searching for the truth, Susan faces first with incomprehension on the part of fellow students and hospital staff and then the pressure and obstacles that are created by the hospital administration and the board of trustees. Physicians and health care providers who help the girl in the investigation, are pursued at work, fired and even murdered.

The difficulties make Susan believe that she is going in the right direction. Gradually, Susan begins to learn the horrible truth about the hospital, about the dark deeds and machinations taking place within its walls, with the knowledge of influential people in the Council.

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