Dollhouse TV series

Dollhouse is a TV series the action of which takes place on the territory of Los Angeles where under one of the skyscrapers there is a secret and illegal organization called “A Doll’s House.” Nobody even knows where this place is and there is nothing wondering, because for all the others, it simply does not exist. This organization is only a small part of the mighty structure having similar places around the world. Doll houses are the places for people who have agreed to sign a contract with the organization for a period of five years.Dollhouse TV series

The main condition of the agreement is that at the end of the contract they will lose some part of their memories, which have been the worst for them. Dolls (this is how the people who have signed the contract are called), completely lose their memory. After that they receive new memories and skills they need for the tasks performance. After this procedure, they are soulless beings, whose individuality has been completely destroyed. One day something unexpected happens and the memory of one of the dolls, a girl named Eco, ceases to succumb to erase procedure, and she slowly begins to remember her past.

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