Sneeky Pete tv series

Sneeky Pete is a crime drama in which the major hero is a guy named Marius, who earns living by means of criminal. He is a notorious swindler and cranked out a wide variety of fraud, for which, after all, he is sent to the prison for three years. When there are only few days before his release, Marius calls up with his brother. He tells him that behind the gates of the prison there are big problems represented by the mafia, which he once did out of a large sum of money waiting for him.Sneeky Pete

This is discouraging news for our hero and at first he has no idea how to deal with all this. At some point, Marius suddenly recalls his cellmate Pete, who sits for more than twenty years. Prison friend repeatedly told him about their grandparents who grew him up. After thinking for a while, the former prisoner decides to pretend that he is Pete hoping that the family members have not seen thei grandson for many years and, therefore, most likely, have no idea how he looks for the moment. However, he could not even imagine what would be the results of this adventure.

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